Staff Spotlight-Paige Shake

Posted on 11/08/2018



Mrs. Shake has served SWSC for many years, teaching at CEMS, SES and SMS. While at Carlisle, Mrs. Shake taught 6th and 8th grade Language Arts, followed by 13 years at SES teaching 5th grade. Currently, Mrs. Shake teaches Math at SMS. She brings 22 years of teaching experience to her classroom, and a great passion for equipping students with skills for a successful future.

Why she chose teaching:

"I truly never considered another profession once I realized I had a love of teaching," explained Mrs. Shake. "Teaching people how to do things was always a passion of mine. I felt I had a knack of breaking down problems into parts and leading people to answers instead of just telling them how to solve it. I love to see my students persevere and find answers to difficult questions."

What she enjoys most about teaching:

"I like to think that I am making a difference, not only in their education but in their life," she said. "I try to hold kids accountable for everything they do. I have high expectations of my students. I want them to work hard and be know that I am helping shape some of our future is exciting and humbling."

Mrs. Shake's favorite teaching moment:

"I think it is the day to day progress that my students make," explained Mrs. Shake. "I get so much joy when a student has worked on a math problem for a while, I nudge them with a hint, and then they figure it out. The pride of accomplishment in their eyes overwhelms me with happiness." She added, "I think my favorite moments are those little moments."