Multilingual Language Learners Professional Development Opportunities

At the district and school levels, we strive to provide a high-quality educational experience and equitable outcomes for all students, focusing on the whole child regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, family structure, and economic levels, as well as those with physical or mental exceptionalities. SWSC affirms the cultural and linguistic strengths that students bring to school and responds to students’ varying needs and identities to create inclusive environments, including ensuring that multilingual language learners (MLLs) have equal access to all school and district programs and activities. These include not only access to the core standards-based curriculum, but to high ability programming, advanced placement, counseling services, extracurricular, performing and visual arts, career and technical education, and athletics programs, among others.

To help assist SWSC educators in providing a high-quality educational experience for our multilingual students, various avenues of professional development are available. This includes SWSC curated PD, MLL/WIDA workshops through the SIEC, and any other relevant MLL/WIDA PD opportunities from other sources.

For specific information on participating in MLL professional development or completing MLL PD vouchers, please contact Jessica Whitkanack or your school's MLL Teacher of Record.