What if my charger is lost or damaged?  The school provides each student with a charger upon initial distribution.  If that initial charger gets damaged or lost, it is the responsibility of the student (parent) to replace it or make sure that the student has a way to keep his or her device charged.

What are the equipment replacement costs?

Broken or lost Chromebook $50

Is there a way to charge the Chromebook at school? If the student is not taking the device home, he or she can bring a charger to school and leave the device charging in the classroom.

What does it mean to have a “loaner Chromebook”? A student may use a loaner Chromebook, if one is available, while his or her Chromebook is being repaired or found, if lost or stolen. Once the student’s Chromebook is repaired he or she will receive it back but will not be able to take it home until the $50 damage fee has been paid.

What do I do if my student’s device is lost or stolen?  You must file a police report and turn a copy of it into the school.  If you do not do this, then you will be charged the full amount for the device.  If you file a report and turn in the paperwork, your student will receive a loaner and will be able to take the repaired device home once the $50 damage fee is paid.