The Southwest School Corporation uses Follett Destiny Library Manager as our library management system, which allows our school media specialist, school librarians, and administrators to keep thorough, real-time track of each library’s inventory while also giving students a fun means of discovery of available books for their reading pleasure or academic needs. Destiny can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and the home.

To see the complete list of available books in the Carlisle Elementary and Middle School library, please follow the steps below:

Select Books under the Material Type drop-down.

Click the Title (T) box. A complete list of book titles and all of their details will then populate.

One can also search books by topic/subject, author, series, reading levels, or interest levels.

Follett Destiny

Destiny pic

Destiny pic

The Southwest School Corporation strives to support and enrich the curriculum, students' personal interests, and learning through careful selection of materials. Should an objection to school library materials occur, there are specific procedures in place. Please read the School Library Material Removal Request Procedure.

School Library Material Removal Request Procedure

Library Material Removal Request Form