ILEARN assesses achievement of Indiana Academic Standards for the following grades and subject areas:

  • English/Language Arts (Grades 3-8)

  • Mathematics (Grades 3-8)

  • Science (Grades 4, 6, and High School Biology)

  • Social Studies (Grade 5)

ILEARN resources that previously appeared on IDOE’s website (e.g., test development resources, English/language arts scoring rubrics, Lexile® and Quantile® trainings) are now archived within Moodle. Anyone with a valid Moodle account is able to access all materials archived in the ILEARN course. This includes all educators and parents whose students will participate in ILEARN assessments this year. Contact Moodle Support for technical support and the Office of Student Assessment for content-related questions. Additional resources may also be found on the IDOE website at

The Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination (IREAD-3) is a grade three reading assessment developed in accordance with state legislation. IREAD-3 is designed to measure foundational reading skills based on Indiana Academic Standards through grade three. All grade three students enrolled in accredited Indiana schools must participate in and attain a passing score on IREAD-3. A summer retest opportunity is available for students who did not pass IREAD-3 during the spring administration. The SWSC provides an IREAD-3 Summer Remediation program for all grade 3 students that did not pass IREAD-3 during the school year. This two-week program immediately follows the end of the school year. Students will retake the IREAD-3 assessment on the last day of the program. To learn more information about the IREAD-3 including sample items, go the IDOE website at