Macbook Collection for Sullivan High School beginning 5-18-18

Macbook collection for SHS



May 18th has been chosen as collection day for your student devices at SHS. We would like all students who are not taking finals at SHS to turn in the following on May 18th:


Macbook, Charger, and cord


You will be called down by the office over the PA system on this day turn to in equipment in the commons area, get the equipment inspected, and get a receipt for the equipment or a bill over what is owed for damages or missing equipment. Be sure your macbook has enough charge to turn on for inspection.


DO NOT turn in your green macbook bag unless you are planning on not returning to SHS next year. If you purchased a backpack from the SHS office this year, please keep that over the summer for use next year as well. All seniors turn in your green macbook bags issued at the beginning of the year along with your other equipment before leaving.


If you are taking finals, please turn in your equipment to Mr. Woodsmall at the completion of your last final. The SHS office staff WILL NOT receive any equipment this year from students. All equipment must be turned in to Mr. Woodsmall for final check in and inspection and a receipt given.


All students returning to SHS next school year will not be issued a device unless they have a bag or school issued backpack with them. Freshmen will be given a bag when they get their device the first day on August 9th. All other students please bring their green laptop bag or school issued backpack on the first day of school on August 9TH, 2018 to receive your device or charger.


Thank you for your cooperation and care of the school equipment given to you this school year. You will be given the same device next year if you will be a returning Sullivan High School student.


Thank you,

Brian Irwin

Technology Coordinator

Southwest School Corporation