Pesticide Use

TheĀ Pesticide Use at Schools Rule, 357 IAC 1-16, was adopted by the State of Indiana on November 20, 2010, regulating the use of pesticides and herbicides on school property. The purpose of this rule is to minimize the potential for chemical exposure to students while at school by ensuring the pesticides and herbicides are used only by licensed or certified applicators; and that students are not in areas when pesticides or herbicides are being applied.

Since Southwest School Corporation is committed to the health and well-being of its students, any spraying applications that have to be done in SWSC will occur after school, on week-ends, or during vacation periods.

To comply with this new rule, however, any parent who wants to be notified of these spraying dates needs to submit a letter to the school corporation office in writing as soon as possible so their names can be placed on a pesticide notification registry to be notified as to the dates when spraying will occur. It is not necessary for parents to submit a letter requesting placement on this pesticide notification registry unless there is a concern.

Questions relating to this state rule may be directed to the Southwest Sullivan School Corporation office.