Harmony School Management Software provides parents with the capability to view portions of their child’s academic record via the internet.  Through the use of secure user names and passwords, you will have access to only your child’s information.  As with all passwords, it is important to not share your password with others.  We will not share, distribute, sell, or give out any email addresses to third parties, other parents, or anyone.

The information you may view includes:

  • Attendance Report – A summary of absences and tardies.
  • Discipline Report – A summary of all discipline encounters.
  • Progress Report  – The student’s current grades.
  • Homework Agenda – A list of assignments taught/due.
  • Assignment Summaries – By class, you may see all assignments, your child’s score on each assignment, and his/her overall grade.
  • Web messages– See messages posted by the school or teachers pertaining to your child and his/her classes
  • Food Services- See food service statements- payments made and items purchased
  • School Calendar

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